How do I choose the right outsourced payroll services for my business?
How do I choose the right outsourced payroll services for my business?
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How do I choose the right outsourced payroll services for my business?

payroll servicesYour business is growing and you need help with the administration. One of the best ways to free up your time is to outsource payroll services.

Getting the right provider is vital to help your business grow, though. A smooth payroll process will help you retain good staff,

So, here is our guide to getting the best outsourced payroll services…


Ask some important questions

Q: Is this a service for the whole of the process?

If so, that will get you a hassle-free service. Check what’s included in the contract.

Most will provide pay slips, but will they be viewable by employees via an online portal?

Does the contract include new employer registration and set up with HMRC?

Will your provider deal with statutory payments and real time information submissions?


Q: Does the provider have a reliable track record with payroll services?

A company with good testimonials is a great place to start. Look for testimonials and reviews from businesses of your size or sector.

QWhat accreditations do they have?

Look for bookkeeping qualifications with the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), and accreditations for the use of bookkeeping and payroll services software.

Q: Will their software integrate with yours?

Many small businesses use cloud-based accounting systems where payroll is made easy, so check the provider has the same or a similar, system which can be integrated.

Q: How will they handle your business as you grow?

Do they have the staff and capacity to grow with you?

Q: What sort of support will they offer?

Will you be able to pick up the phone and speak to the same person who is your point of contact? How flexible is their service?

Q: Do they offer additional services which could benefit you?

From bookkeeping to dealing with the construction industry scheme, some providers have other services which could give you even more free time.

Set up effective communication systems

Good communication will be vital to ensure your payroll system runs smoothly.

So, how will you communicate? Will you have regular emails or phone calls? Will your provider visit your offices?

And, how often will you be in touch? Will you need weekly or monthly communication?

Agree this before your contract begins so that you and your payroll provider know what to expect.

Why choose Balanced Up Bookkeeping for your payroll services?

  • We are experienced at using online payroll systems and have a client base of more 250 happy customers
  • We are accredited and licensed by AAT to carry out payroll services
  • We cover all the payroll services you need, offering you a joined-up service
  • We keep you in the loop at every stage, ensuring excellent communication


Do you need advice on getting the right payroll services for your business? Call us on 01633 439 002 or contact us here.